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Jack and Rusty is a lovely story written by Aleesah Darlison, published by Oxford University Press Australia.
It's been my first "BIG" project and I was really pleased and learned a lot along the way.

I wanted to share with you my process.

First when I received the story I have done some research for the character and the general visual mood, generally I'm looking for references on google images but this time I used a website I discovered few weeks before starting that project, the website is called niice and wears its name really well!

After I've started sketching a character for a character sample I needed to send to the publisher. I did receive really good feedbacks from them, helpful to know what to keep and what to leave when it comes to designing characters.

Then I started sketching the elements inside the spreads to compose the image throughout the book.

After comes refining the sketch to submit it.

Once I received what to change, it's time for colour to comes in!

It was a night scene so I've played with both, light coming from the outside, indoor light coming from the corridor and the shiny stars we all had when we were kids!

This is roughly how creating a book is, after the colour it's few things to change sometimes. It's been a wonderful experience, I really enjoyed it!
Let me show you the rest of the book!