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 You’re invited to the most amazing birthday bash, complete with dragons, knights, and ogres! Think it sounds awesome? It IS!
What happens when your birthday celebration turns wild with a crazy dragon pool party, a raucous all-knight karaoke festival, AND a tea and crumpets rumpus with ogres? You may think that’s fun, but the birthday girl definitely does NOT—until she chases away all the unruly guests and realizes that everything is . . . absolutely, totally boring. Can she find a way to bring back her new friends, get the party started again, and save her birthday? This antic picture book is pure, unbridled joy.

It’s been such a lovely project to work on ”This is NOT a dragon party!” story written by Mike Flaherty.

I remember starting with these few characters from the description I had of the story. The dragon looked a lot less scarier at the time too!

party problem.jpg

Then it evolved with time. I wanted to share with you a bit of the process, some sketches, roughs, up to the final stage.


Later, I reworked the values of the book to make the characters pop out of the page.