dream office (2).jpg
dream office (1).jpg

What a great studio isn't it?














all these great places aren't where I'm working from.










I wish.

I think we all have a dream job and that's definitely mine, working at Pixar, and that from a long time ago.
I'm not only a huge fan of their awesome natural-industrial looking space but also their way of working together.

The fact that everything, from the toilets to café Luxo, is attached to the atrium brings people together and it's easy to meet up with others, share the creative mindset and sparkle with new ideas.

It would be a blessing if one day I could work there, and improve and learn to infinity and beyond! I'm convinced the way they are challenged by others is the reason for their massive success. Every time they finish a movie they mention how they had to overcome difficulties, and do things that weren't possible before.

My aim is to always have goals and improve myself.
What I want the most though is to work as hard on every job as if I was working for Pixar, with the relentless mindset of doing better and better, continually challenging myself.

Anyway, what about my real workspace?

I won't show you where I work as it's really basic and not as impressive as the pictures you just saw, it doesn't look like these awesome "illustrator's studios and art rooms".

Mine is anywhere where I can put these few things:
- My Alienware laptop, 17inch I think - with a great power in it that costs me an arm and a leg.
- My Wacom Intuos 4, size small. Because why would I need a massive Cintiq?
- My zootopia Mug, coffee is my fuel and this mug is super big, and also looks super funny!
- My papyrus, a fast growing plant that brings a bit of nature into my workspace.

and that's it.
Well there's the usual "mess" that goes with any creative desktops, obviously.