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Explore the many places and characters of the Harry Potter films through the magic of color. From Hogwarts and Hogsmeade to Daigon Alley, this coloring book takes you on an interactive tour through fan-favorite wizarding locations.
The resplendent halls of Gringotts and the garish tones of the Dursely's living room are yours to illuminate in intricate drawings that include many of the most beloved characters of the series. This book also features pages of inspiring film stills and stunning concept art from the making of the Harry Potter films.


Having the chance to work with other illustrators on a big franchise such as Harry Potter to produce colouring books was a mind blowing experience for me.
I've learned a lot from it.
Surprising, as The big coloring book challenge created with my friend and fellow illustrator Jeremie Claeys was the only colouring pieces I have ever done.
Since then it opened the doors to new projects and sparkle a passion for the linework.
I'm currently producing special colouring book packs, more to come!

From the pieces I have done, this one has been the more challenging piece but the one I'm most proud of.
It took me more than 12 hours roughly to finish this piece, I really liked the fact there was so many levels, it had to not look like a mess and be easily readable.

Surely a few hours to colour if you're brave enough to try!

Hagrid's hut, a piece that isn't in the final product "Magical places colouring book"

Hagrid's hut, a piece that isn't in the final product "Magical places colouring book"

A colouring piece I have done for fun.