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Before talking to you about the art class, I wanted to let you know that I'm launching a youtube channel where I will be doing weekly videos, how to draw, step by step and more.
If your kid enjoys drawing and art in general, consider subscribing!

If you look at it in the week after the art class, there is probably nothing on it...YET. I'm planning a few videos to come up soon.

Stay tuned!

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Friday Heroes Art Class

friday heroes flyer.jpg

Thanks for attending our Friday Heroes Art Class, it was lovely to share with your kids how to design characters. Hope it's been an inspiration for them and that they will keep drawing! ;)

I have created this page for you to have access digitally to the flyer we gave them, so that you can keep it and reprint it at will.

In the morning they learned how to draw a lion, step by step.
And in the afternoon it was about how to create characters. so here's the recto/verso flyers.
(wait a few seconds if it doesn't show up, files are High resolution)



I also talked about when doing character design, it can be sometimes useful to check how things are made.
How's a penguin is, how many different sorts of penguin exist? What uniform an astronaut wears etc.

I sometimes do "moodboards" where I put pictures that inspire me together about what I want to draw.
This website is really good to find graphic ideas about any subjects.

At this art class, I wanted to give them the possibility if they wanted to draw an astronaut, a princess or a bear.


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