#colour_collective is a great challenge on Twitter where a lot of illustrators and picture lovers draw with only one rule: use the colour of the week in your picture.

For the third week, for me, the colour was : Powder Blue.

To be honest, the idea for this image didn't come up like that to me.
Earlier that week, I discovered the work of Griz and Norm and saw some concept arts they've done for Shrek

I found their idea of the mermaids into an aquarium would be great for my illustration.
I began to draw and I was: "Oh what would it be if the mermaids were big? My lazy me said: oh yeah great idea, just draw two of them!"

So here's my illustration, I sometimes feel like I'm stealing ideas from others but I hope they don't feel that way, if I get inspired by one of your idea it's only because I find it great! Let's be inspired from each others!