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We're nearly October, and when October is coming there is ... Inktober!

Inktober is a great international event, created by Jake Parker (who also created Art drop day) where a lot of different artists from different fields works with ink to produce astonishing drawings.
For some people, like me, drawing with ink is a challenge. I really like it but it takes a while to get use to it, it might take an hour or more to have a detailed drawing that you're happy with before it gets ruined by a huge and unexpected blot of ink; obviously at the end of it and not on a part where you would have put more ink on...

And this year I'm going to do a project with some friends of mine from my lovely art collective Majestart, Jouak, Gaby, Manu and others will be part of it.
I'll talk about that again later but it will be a great project, stay tuned (there will be a book made with all the drawings at the end!)