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A cup of coffee?

Few posts ago, I did talk about how listening to podcast helped me focus on my work. Being in kind of a bubble and gets productive.
I discovered a new thing, apparently ambiant noise is good for creative tasks! And there's a study here too


Do you like coffee shops?
I really like going there, enjoy a good coffee in a warm, social place.
So apparently, if you've read the article above, we should actually go in this type of places to be more creative, but not everyone can bring his PC to a Starbuck!
So what solutions have we?

Here 4 websites/apps for you to listen to,
you would be as boosted creatively as if you would have drank a coffee!

1- Noisli

This one is such a great website, you can have it on your phone too, they've done an app.

2- Coffitivity

As the title suggest it, it's a good blend between coffee and productivity!

3- Soundrown

On soundrown there is some sounds you don't have in the others, like the playground and fountain.

4-Cafe Restaurant

This one is specialised so you won't find any rain or trains here.
But you've got control on every sounds. Mixing table and kitchen only is quite relaxing, I almost slept in front of my computer, try it and tell me what you think about.

And as usual we leave with a bit of music