Cereal Killer Café

As it was the International Coffee day yesterday I think, I wanted to tell you about one café I've just discovered today.

Cereal Killer Cafe has been created by two brothers, Gary and Alan Keery, and that original café opened around December last year in London

They've imported a lot of variety of Cereals, you can choose your own cereal, choose a kind of milk (I didn't know there was that much choice of milk before looking at their menu) and a topping to make it more excellent!

The place looks like a really nice place to be, it's good for the 80-90"s kids that we are to have a little reminder of how our young years looked like.

Some TV's are displayed, showing some old cartoons, you can even sit on a bed to enjoy your bowl of Cereal, what could we want more than that?!

If ever you want to go there for your breakfast, it's opened (from 8am to 10pm)
in two places in London:


And have a look at their website and their menu
They've got a Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram etc so you don't have any excuses to not follow them.

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