Haunted house: my process.

As I've said in the post yesterday, I really like looking at the sketches other illustrators do, to see their thought process, how they came from here to there.
And if you do as well and would like to see my process, I made that post for you.

1- Thumbnails

Once I defined my idea, here: haunted house, character running toward us because a monster is behind.
After I'm doing as many thumbnails it requires, I'm never happy with my first thumbnail, if I am, I try other ways of doing the same scene, changing the point of view, moving elements and characters around.
Here, I was glad after the second idea.


2- Sketch

I then resize the thumbnail to normal size and sketch again on it, a bit more defined.
After a moment, I decided to remove that gate and put ghosts closer to the character, I've changed as well the direction where the boy was running to.

3- Quick values

Before deciding of doing those changes, I've done quick values over the sketch.
I usually put a background at 50% black to have a medium grey and can start with darker grey and whiter ones to see where I put the light source.
I sometimes take more time for that but I always do it, even quick like this one, just to help me see which area will be darker than the other.


4- Shapes & colours

At this point, I'm doing shapes (on different layers) and half saturated colours. To have medium colours and medium values on certain zones helps me for after when I add light and shadow on each elements.


5- Volumes and details

In each shape I do my volumes, do the shadow (sometimes I put them in Color burn mode), few layers after I'm doing the lights in the shape (and quite often either I use overlay or color dodge.) I add textures as well in overlay mode. I always need several layers to be happy with it.

And I put details, can be the folds on the trouser, can be the hairs or something like that.

I'm doing that on every elements, sometimes I got some ideas on the way, like I've added the stairs after, to make the moutain looks bigger and the house looks higher.

At the end I always do a color balance, to change the Cyan/Magenta/Green/Yellow in darker to lighter values and sometimes an auto light/contrast

and I've got my final picture!

The song I was listening while writing that post is a song from a French band (from Nantes) called: C2C

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