5 of the best podcasts websites I listen to.

I recently decided to replace music by art podcasts while I was working on illustrations.
For me it just changed how I work, it improved my productivity and gave me more inspiration. It's like my brain is learning something while I'm working, I think that's why my productivity just grew up more.
I keep listening to it everyday, I keep being inspired that way and keep learning things, keep laughing as well and all of that WHILE i'm working! Isn't it awesome?

So here's some of the greatest podcast website I've heard :

#1 Chris Oatley

Chris is doing an amazing job, he's interviewed a lot of people working into the industry and well known too such as Pascal Campion, Brett 2d Bean etc and does other podcasts to answer important questions for artists like "what can you do when you have a creative block?" or the question "Am I good enough?"

Chris is doing as well online courses for a ridiculous price, so go and jump on his magic box !


#2 Schoolism

Bobby chiu is as well one of my favorite interviewer, firstly he had interviews with people I admire such as Robert Kondo, Claire Wendling, Victoria Ying, Mike Yamada, Nathan Fowkes, John Nevarez etc. but secondly he's asking really pertinent questions!

I really encourage you to listen to them.


#3 The Pixar Podcast 

If you like Pixar as much as I like it, these podcasts are made for you! There a good insight into the company because Derrick Clements has talked with people working in the different departments (story, visual development, publishing) I found often that the interviews are too short, wich is a good sign, we want more!

There is all the podcast made from 2010-2013, more than 100 podcasts to listen, you won't get bored!


#4 Animation Mentor

Animation Mentor are usually well known for their courses, for the 11 second club but not so much for their podcasts, there is only few podcasts in it but it's like gold, rare but awesome!
Enrico Casarosa, Lee Unkrich for exemple have been interviewed.


#5 Rotoscopers

The last but not least, Rotoscopers is one of my favourite show, really great to listen to, they have interviews and an other category for animation addict where they talk about the movies, theories and other stuff.

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